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  CUPS Federal Credit Union                An Employee Benefit of the Sisters of Providence Health System


Fees Applicable To All Accounts:

Account Levy $25. per levy.
Certified Checks $3.00 per item
Money Orders $1.00 per item
Check/Money Order Copies $1.00 per item
Stop Payment/Void $20.00 per item
Returned Item $20.00 per item
Statement Copies $5.00 per copy
ATM - 4 free per month, then $1. per item
ATM Overdraft $20.00 per item
ATM Inquiry $1.00 per item
ATM Excessive Denials $2.00 per item
ATM Hot Card Processing $5.00 per card
ATM Card Replacements $5.00 per item
(One free replacement card every 12 months)
Inactive Account Fee $50.00 per account
(Applies to account over 3 years inactive,
you will be sent an advance notice
 before an inactive fee is imposed)
Stale dated money order/official check $50.00.
Research/Reconcilement $25.00 per hour
(minimum 1 hour)
Check cashing 1% of the check(s) over $99.99
plus the coin portion of the check(s).

Share   Draft   Account   Fees:

Monthly Service Fee $0.*
Overdraft Transfer $7.50 per item
Returned Item $20.00 per item
Stop Payment $20.00 per item
Draft Printing $13.70 per 100 drafts**
*Restrictions apply on share draft zero monthly fee,
telephone our office at (413) 748-9590 for details.
**You will not be sent notice of changes to draft printing fees.

Holiday   Club   Account   Fees:

Early Close-Out Fee $20.00 per account